1. How much does it cost for MagnetMusik to sell my music?
It is free of charge. There are no setup fees.

2. How long can it take for my music to be ready for purchase?
Once you become a member, your music will be ready for purchase within 48 hours from the time you will send to the admin department.

3. What is the turnaround time for me to get my money when my supporters purchase my music?
MagnetMusik will send money every two weeks to artists or producers or groups whom their music has been purchased.

4. How will I know that MagnetMusik is not robing me of my money?
MagnetMusik has a profesional team that will be responsible for handling all payments and records. The members will be updated about their purchases before payments. The records will also be sent with the proof of payment every two weeks.

5. Can I sell my beats or instrumentals to a limited number of people?
Yes, we can setup a purchase limit on a song/beat/instrumental upon request.

6. Can MagnetMusik create special offers e.g buy 1 get 1 free?
Yes it can be done upon request.