Benefits of being our member



When you become a member with us you start to live your life like a King/Queen. We do all the IT work for you. All you have to do is to command and we, the MagnetMusik do what you authorize us to do. Here are some of the benefits you’ll be exposed to once you become our member, and keep in mind that it’s all free of charge:

1. We upload your music for free download or for selling.
2. You keep a large sum of your royalties.
3. We upload your music videos on YouTube.
4. We promote your music on our social networks.

So, what are waiting for? Stop wasting time and money. Become a member today and we will work for you free of charge. There are no risks involved. Remember, the above mentioned benefits are optional and you can either choose the ones you want or choose all.

Summary of what MagnetMusik is all about

This video summarises what MagnetMusik is all about. Take a few munites of your time to know us better

MagnetMusik Launch

We, Touch Me Xpert (Pty) Ltd are very proud today to introduce to you our first and powerful new division, MagnetMusik. We bringing advance technology while improving the standard of doing things in a much effortless and less expensive way. MagnetMusik is a division in the music industry. It is customized with latest technology for allowing musicians to sell their music online and for supportes to purchase the music effortlessly.

According to the music professor from University of South Africa, Karendra Devroop, digital technology is allowing the music industry to reach a mass number of comsumers across the world. Keeping up with the technology it is very important in this morden day of technology. We, MagnetMusik, the division of Touch Me Xpert ( Pty) Ltd are here to help the music indutry to reach out to the whole world with the advanced and latest technology for seling digital products.

We inviting all artists/groups and producers to come and sell their music online with us free of charge.

Become one of our members today and we will handle all the IT work for you and your business.

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